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Mother's Group

Mother's Group

Location: Toowoomba
On Friday mornings @10:30 am. Come along for a catch up and chat with other new mums.


Perth Postnatal Village

Mother's Group

Location: Brunswick and Epping

Whether you’ve just finished work, having a day off or just had a baby, then hanging out with other women in the same situation is the best way to share your experiences and develop new friendships. Come and hang out and chat with other like minded parents. Pregnant women, new parents and kids of all ages welcome.

Your midwives will be there most weeks to watch your babies grow and say hello.

Bring your lunch. Tea and coffee are available.

Please note – this group is for our Continuity-Of-Care clients only. No booking required.

Enquiries @ (03)83887025 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Brunswick: Tuesday 10:00am - 12:00pm
Epping: Thursday 10:00am - 12:00pm


Baby to toddler show invitation

Baby to Toddler Show Brisbane 20-22 March 2020

Location: Brisbane

My Midwives will provide 4 Antenatal Classes free to a limited number of participants over the weekend of the Baby to Toddler Show. Managing Director Liz Wilkes - with over 25 years as a midwife - presents an educational format designed to inform mum’s (and dad’s) to be in bite sized pieces.

These classes offer presentations, interactive opportunities, take home materials and a chance for questions over 4 x 40 minute sessions throughout the day in a dedicated My Midwives education area.

Overview of the classes

Pregnant – outline and options 10:30am
(40 mins)

My Midwives provides a pregnancy road map which gives a basic understanding of the journey, recommendations in care and outlines the choices you have along the way. Particular emphasis is given to newer options in prenatal screening, education alternatives such as hypnobirthing and choices that affect birth outcomes.

Labour – get active, get ready 11:45am
(40 mins)

This session covers the last trimester and getting ready for a positive labour and birth. It is focused on women who are planning to have a vaginal birth. We cover all your preparations in the last weeks including the position of your baby and we will provide some resources you can use to get ready. We have a discussion about birth plans and the options around birth. We also cover packing a labour bag, what should be in it and things that should be prepared leading up to birth. Finally a discussion around the last weeks of pregnancy and what to expect will round off the discussion.

Birth – support and safety 1:15pm
(40 mins)

Most women and their partners are very focused on the birth process and this class will not let you down in the key information you will receive. Covering off on the start, process and progress of labour we will cover many ideas to assist you, including what are your very normal responses. We do cover some of the tricky stuff – what you may need if things don’t progress smoothly and touch back to our first session around choices that will assist you to have a great birth. We will learn techniques that assist to manage pain and to progress labour.

Baby – care and confidence 2:30pm
(40 mins)

Our awesome hands on class is a “back to basics” session which focuses some of the fundamentals for bub - nappy changing, wrapping and bathing bub. This is another active session where participants will have a chance to practice hands on with plenty of time to discuss some of the other elements such as feeding, physical health and mental wellbeing for mum and what is “normal” for baby after birth.

For tickets, please go to this link.

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