Jenny Hopman

Jenny Hopman



  • 2021 Prescribing for Midwives
  • 2021 Immunisation for Health Professionals
  • 2014 Bachelor of Midwifery/Bachelor of Nursing


Since 2015, I have been a midwife at the Royal Women's and Brisbane Hospital (RBWH) which is where I did my training. In 2020 I commenced a Master of Primary Maternity Care at Griffith University where I've been learning about continuity of Midwifery care. This additional study has inspired me to work in this model and partner with women on their pregnancy and birthing journey. Prior to studying midwifery, I was a Naturopath for 10 years in private practice working with women trying to conceive. This experience inspired me to learn more and do more, and I love Midwifery.

Midwifery Interests

At RBWH I have developed a wide range of experience caring for women with uncomplicated pregnancies as well as those with more 'bumps' in the road to deal with. I practice with a philosophy that women are experts in their own bodies, and it is my role to help them discover what they are capable of. I am awed and humbled by my experiences with birthing women and find myself constantly learning and reflecting on my practice. (W)holistic care is important to me, that is the whole body, mind and spirit. I bring an empathetic and down to earth approach to my practice.

Other interests

I love spending time with my girls at the beach and farm stays. I love musicals and am a Dirty Dancing and Disney tragic! Yoga, pilates and horse riding are other loves of mine.

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