Alana Chrisomalidis



  • Bachelor of Nursing / Bachelor of Midwifery 2019


I’ve spent the early years of my career as a Nurse / Midwife at the Royal Women’s Hospital. As a graduate in 2020, my learning was certainly accelerated to keep up with our ever-changing environment. Across the last 2 years, I’ve continued to work across the spectrum of midwifery-care for women from all different walks of life. I have also been fortunate enough to care for some of our smallest and sickest babies, too. Along with working in a busy tertiary hospital, I also like to slow it down with Childbirth education. Since 2021 I’ve been running private childbirth education with the aim of giving families time and space to ask questions, feel heard and learn how to best support themselves and their babies.

Midwifery Interest

Like all midwives, I am fiercely passionate about partnering with women and birthing people while they navigate their journey to parenthood. I believe all women deserve access to one-to-one Midwifery care and that a Caseload model should be the standard of care across Australia. On top of this, I also love using water-immersion in labour. I find it amazing how much relief and support can come so easily in the bath.

Other Interests

I recently learned the term “extreme-balance” and I think it describes me perfectly. I love long and challenging hikes, double shot cappuccinos and energetic days out at the beach with my dog, Huxley (a Kelpie). The balance comes in, however, on a Sunday afternoon where you’ll find me ordering takeaway and not moving from the couch all day.

Melbourne Team