Barb Evans

Barb Evans



  • Diploma of Child Care (mothercraft nurse) - Box Hill TAFE 1994
  • Bachelor of Nursing - Latrobe University 2015
  • Nurse Immunisation Certificate - Australian College of Nursing 2017
  • Bachelor of Midwifery - Latrobe University 2018

I am currently studying to attain a Masters in Midwifery and a Graduate Diploma (Prescribing & Diagnostics) at Griffith University and Graduate Diploma in Child and Family Health (Maternal Child Health Nurse) at RMIT.


Due to moving into the health care profession later in life, I bring to my nursing/midwifery vocation 26 years of parenting experience. It has taught me the importance of flexibility, empathy, being non-judgmental and patient, and to not assume anything about a situation without first attaining information.

I commenced a childcare career in 1994 and worked in various different environments. I was a stay-at-home mum for a number of years which I greatly enjoyed and appreciated the opportunities and time I had with my five children. I commenced my nursing career in 2016 at a large public hospital in Melbourne’s north where I significantly extended my health care knowledge. My interests in caring for families lead me to midwifery in 2018, where I have worked across all maternity areas including antenatal, birthing, special care and postnatal care. Throughout my nursing and midwifery career I have witnessed the benefits of having a known health care provider, which has drawn me to private midwifery.

Midwifery Interest

My aim is to support parents-to-be by providing holistic care and empowering birthing parents through the art of midwifery, with its beauty, strength, knowledge, and safety of what birth and becoming a parent means. When this experience is positive and empowering it can lead each parent onto a special journey, informed and confident with their decisions. I believe birth to be a powerful and life-changing process, which with good support, can set parents up for a wonderful positive beginning to their parenting journey.

My particular interests are empowered childbirth, massage, aromatherapy, supporting mental health, breastfeeding, and postpartum education. I believe that the benefits of continuity-of-care in midwifery not only support families throughout their pregnancy and birthing journey, but also the family’s future, as this time is the beginning of crucial bonding between the child and parents, creating stronger and more positive relationships for the family network. I love to share my knowledge and parenting tips with others in order to offer support and guidance. I also love having a chat and a laugh about the many trials and tribulations that parenting can bring. Education is the key to being able to make safe decisions for our future as a society that respects everyone’s needs, wants, and interests.

Other Interests

Spending time with my partner and children, walking, reading, studying, and going to cafes and wineries. I also enjoy sewing gifts and cooking but not so much doing the dishes!!

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