Alita Pashley

Alita Pashley




  • Bachelor of Nursing/ Bachelor of Midwifery dual degree - University of QLD, Brisbane, 2019
  • Bachelor of Arts majoring in journalism - Griffith University, Gold Coast, 2005


I completed my grad year (plus a little extra) at the Wimmera Health Care Group in Horsham, in the northwest corner of Victoria. As a rural midwife/nurse in a country hospital, I was lucky enough to work across the continuum of pregnancy, providing antenatal assessments, labour and birth care, and postnatal care on the ward. Being a small hospital I also did some general and pediatric nursing. The best thing about being a rural healthcare professional is that you don't get pigeon-holed. We get trained to in a really broad range of skills.

Midwife Interest

I am a strong believer that midwifery is a form of activism. I’m working to create a culture of informed consent and trauma-informed care in everything I do. I also believe in valuing the diversity of families seeking out compassionate, evidence-based continuity of care in pregnancy. Like all things in life, midwifery is about life-long learning. The ex-journalist in me loves seeking out new research and knowledge and finding ways to incorporate them into my practice. But more than anything I like creating a place of safety and trust, both between us and within ourselves. My ultimate goal is for people to come out the other side of pregnancy more in awe of their bodies and stronger than ever before.

Other Interest

I’ve inherited my love of plants from my mother, and I push my cuttings onto anyone who shows the slightest interest. I love cooking, travelling, and music. However, despite numerous attempts, I still can’t play an instrument or fluently speak another language.


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