Jessica Goldstone-Smith

Jessica Goldstone-Smith



  • Bachelor of Fine Arts/ Fine Arts Education, College of Fine Arts Paddington, 2004-2005
  • Bachelor of Midwifery, University of Technology Sydney, 2009-2013
  • Bachelor of Midwifery (Honours), University of Technology Sydney, 2014
  • Masters of Primary Maternity Care, Griffith University, 2021-ongoing


I undertook my direct entry Midwifery degree working clinically at Royal North Shore Hospital (NSW), and progressed onto another major Sydney tertiary hospital, Westmead, in my new New graduate year. My foundations as a student midwife and junior midwife were forged in busy, large, high risk hospitals where I learnt how to manage and care for ‘all risk’ women in my practice. I then progressed onto smaller units within Sydney and moved to rural Newcastle NSW, where I worked across the full spectrum of maternity services. I worked at Wyong Midwifery Group Practice 2017-2018, and then returned to Newcastle to work with Belmont Midwifery Group Practice offering publicly funded homebirth, and a secondment period at Hunter Midwfery Group Practice. I was recruited to work in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK in 2019, however Covid stopped that. I have spent the last two years working as a second Midwife in private homebirth within the Sydney- Central Coast- Hunter Regions.

Midwifery Interests

I am a Woman, Mother, Wife and Midwife who views the process of giving birth as a sacred time. I therefore endeavour to provide high quality, personalised care to women and families encompassing their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I strongly believe that women are collectively awakening to their inherent power and strength as creators, carriers and bringers of life. This starts with them seeking out their own truths, beliefs and philosophies about motherhood, birth and society. I endeavour to create a space that assists women and families to actualise their deepest hearts desires and, whatever unfolds for them, walking alongside them to bring brand new souls and mothers into the world: ‘from love into love’.

Other interests

I am also a total history nerd, and with a very old Scottish lineage dating back to the 6th Century, so I am obsessed with Scottish history in particular. I come from a large Australian/Scottish clan (MacIntosh/ MacThomas), where family, hospitality and fun times are always on the agenda. I am also writing a book about the burning times in Scotland, entitled “The Witches of Forres”, and I see still, as a midwife, many echoes of these times within our society today. On my Mothers’ side I am also proudly of Kamilaroi/ Gamaroi/ Kamaray descent, which is a deep part of who I am. One of our ancestors Sophie Allsop was an Indigenous ‘Bush Midwife’ from Coonabarabran/ Gulgong, NSW. She guides me.

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