Claire Harper

Claire Harper

Midwife Childbirth Educator


  • Bachelor of Midwifery - ACU
  • Master in Primary Maternity Care (in progress)


My experience of my own pregnancy and the birth of my son was what sparked my initial interest in becoming a Midwife, but it would be an 8 year wait until I could embark on that journey! During my studies I worked as a Doula, which gave me a great insight into walking the pregnancy journey with women, and providing support in labour. For the last 3 and a half years I've worked in a large tertiary hospital, working with women in situations ranging from the most straightforward "normal" pregnancy and labour, to the most complex.

Midwife Interest

I believe that knowledge is power; has the ability to minimise fear, and enables women and their families to make the decisions that will be right for them as they journey towards parenthood. My approach towards maternity care has always been based around the premise that "it's your body, your birth, your baby..." and I feel privileged to be able to provide care, information and support that helps women reach a feeling of confidence in their ability to birth and care for their baby in their own unique way.