Diana Kelly

Diana Kelly

Diana Kelly is a qualified Naturopath and Paediatric Massage Consultant. She has been in the natural health industry since 2009, practising Naturopathy, Remedial & Pregnancy massage, Bowen therapy and teaching Infant Massage.

Infant Massage

Massage can help babies sleep better, cry less, and relieve the discomfort associated with problems like colic, wind and constipation. It is a great way to nurture parent-baby bonding and can also assist with post-natal depression.

Improving on baby’s sleep is only one of many benefits infant massage can provide. Some other common ones are:

  • Reduces anxiety & crying
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Benefits digestive, respiratory and circulatory function
  • Enhances attachment and bonding
  • Helps with reflux
  • Eases pain associated with colic, wind and constipation
  • Increases body awareness, cognitive and motor development
  • Offers positive results to children with special needs

Classes comprise of four sessions, each approximately 1h long. The course material is taught in stages, which enables parents to confidently apply learned massage techniques and become more receptive to their children’s cues and needs.

Bookings are essential as classes are small.

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