Seth Consedine

Dr. Seth Consedine


Research has shown that osteopathy is a safe treatment modality in the paediatric population and may be able to assist with lactation difficulties, cranial asymmetry (plagiocephaly) and recurrent otitis media. In the pregnancy literature, there is research supporting osteopathic treatment to improve lower back pain and function.


  • BAppS (Human Biology)
  • Master of Osteopathy
  • Practitioner of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field (SCTF)
  • Member of the Australian Osteopathic Association (AOA)


Seth is an experienced osteopath with a particular interest in gentle, indirect treatment which focuses on using the body’s own self-healing capacity to return the body to optimal health. Seth has long been interested in treating babies and expectant mothers as he enjoys witnessing and sharing the family’s journey as they welcome new children into the world. In addition, Seth has witnessed the huge benefits of osteopathic care to prenatal women and babies in his own family.

Other Interests

Seth lives in Coburg with his partner and two beautiful children. His favourite activities are getting out of the city, camping, bush walking and cycling.

Seth is more than happy to answer any enquiries or concerns that you may have regarding osteopathic treatment for your newborn or pre and post pregnancy.

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