Marae Beltrame

Marae Beltrame

Massage Therapist

Marae is a qualified pregnancy massage therapist specialising in tailored pregnancy treatments and body work. Marae’s philosophy is to nurture and care for mothers pre and post natal, providing them a space to restore, relax, and stay centred on the path of motherhood.

She has been working on expantant mothers throughout her career and has completed a certification in pregnancy massage. She is equipped to ease emotional and physical pregnancy conditions in a calming, safe and therapeutic way. Her ultimate goal is to leave you feeling relaxed, restored and rejuvenated.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is a unique journey for every woman. It is important to give back to yourself in such a sacred time, many women experience different physical and emotional changes. Regular treatment can heal physical strain and also deeply promote relaxation.

We use deep tissue and relaxation techniques to produce a holistic tailored treatment for each woman.

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“Marae is currently on maternity leave and not taking bookings at this time"