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Sarah Kidman

Sarah Kidman
education of employee


  • Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery, La Trobe University – 2016
  • Currently completing Prescribing & Diagnostics, Flinders University – 2023
experience of employee


I have had a wide range of experiences throughout my midwifery studies and career, commencing study in 2013, I had the opportunity to volunteer in The Philippines & Sri Lanka, and trained at The Royal Women’s Hospital. I have then worked across different models of midwifery care providing the full scope of midwifery, including at rural hospitals, tertiary hospitals, and public hospital midwifery group practice. I have supported a vast number of families over these years from those with low-risk pregnancies, more complex pregnancies, breastfeeding support, helping those to achieve VBACs, waterbirths, caesareans, as well as providing support in emergencies. I’m glad to have had my time in different practice settings for more experience but am very ready to reach my long-term goal since commencing my studies, to be a private practice midwife. I’m looking forward to working with My Midwives!

midwifery interest of employee

Midwifery Interest

My passion is building relationships with women and families throughout their pregnancy and parenting journey, to support them to empower themselves, have a positive experience and flourish as parents. I love to see the growth of women and their families from first meeting them in their pregnancy, to seeing their journey and blossoming as a family, and is a privilege to be a part of. I am passionate about providing one on one education with families and am very enthusiastic about the importance of support and the benefits of continuity of care. I also enjoy providing a calming atmosphere for families; regularly using music, aromatherapy, acupressure, massage, TENS, breathing techniques, optimal maternal positioning strategies, and water immersion/water birth.

other interest of of employee

Personal Interest

I love animals and have a big, friendly rabbit Bambi and guinea pig Bobby, who enjoy their luxury lifestyle! I enjoy spending time with friends, love a tasty brunch outing and coffee, enjoy cosy days reading or watching a movie, try my best at gardening, enjoy nature, and spending time at the beach. I love to travel and have been lucky enough to learn about other countries and see plenty of amazing sights.