Sue Power

Sue Power

Calmbirth Educator, Nurse & Midwife

Sue Power is a registered midwife in the public health system and has been been both a hypnobirthing and calmbirth educator, running workshops in Melbourne since 2005.


I have practised as both a hypnobirthing® and now calmbirth® educator since 2005 and continue to run birthing workshops in inner Melbourne. I have worked with infants and their families in the hospital setting for over 20 years, completing my midwifery training in Sydney in 2001


I am passionate about the need for greater choice in maternity services for women and their families in Victoria and Australia and through my midwifery knowledge and experience as a birthing educator, I hope that women and their partners are able to feel confident to make informed decisions about their birth choices. I believe by increasing their knowledge, having confidence, understanding and learning to trust their bodies, embracing the intensity of the sensations of labour and birth, women are able to bring their babies into the world joyfully. Women have the right to experience birth as a wondrous, profound and life changing event.

Calmbirth® Classes

The calmbirth® philosophy is based on the belief that pregnancy, labour and birth are normal life events and that birth is a natural process. The calmbirth® classes draw on contemporary birth physiology and also the work of obstetrician Grantly Dick Read (1890-1959) giving couples a greater understanding of the birthing process and aiming to understand and reduce fear and anxiety.

The classes aim to empower couples by providing them with education and the necessary tools to achieve a more positive birth experience regardless of the outcome. With greater knowledge and understanding women and their partners are able to feel confident to make informed decisions about their birth choices

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