4 A.M. – Really?

We had to get up early this morning. I set the alarm for a 5:00am start thinking this would be plenty of time for us to get moving

and some would say a slightly respectable hour. I would say maybe for triathletes, Olympic swimmers and swanky businesses men but not me.

Anyway, my little people, who are so excited about the days adventures, had other ideas and thought 4:00am would be a more appropriately hour.

Needless to say I am currently drinking a largish coffee watching the sun rise.

This 4:00am encounter with the world has made me empathise with my sister whose 19 month old darling has taken to waking at this time. Daily. For the last three months. She is also feeding a 12 week old baby at some point during the night. How is she surviving?

How did you manage patches like this as a new parent or a parent with toddlers? Have you got any survival tips for those in similar situations?

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