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Emerald Babies in Good Hands with Midwives

Emerald Babies in Good Hands with Midwives

Congratulations to the Emerald Midwives who continue to provide amazing services for women in rural areas.

Emerald Babies in Good Hands with Midwives

Please follow the link to listen to the interview by Jacquie Mackay with ABC radio.

Emerald Midwives group practice has been helping women have the best possible birthing experience, and they help in about half of the births in the Blackwater, Capella and Emerald area.

Recently the Midwives Group Practice received an award from Queensland Health in recognition of their excellence in care – quite an achievement!

Marissa McDonald, Carla Cubeta and Barb Forster are three of the midwives who are passionate about the women and babies in their care, and they explain what it is they do and why what they do is so special.

Two Griffith University Bachelor of Midwifery students from the Rural Private Midwifery Education Project are also fortunate enough to have been placed with the Emerald Midwives.

Liz Wilkes is a Managing Director and Midwive of My Midwives