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Just Speak Up – Postnatal Depression Awareness Week

Just Speak Up – Postnatal Depression Awareness Week

TV host Jessica Rowe understands the impact that Postnatal Depression can have on a woman and her family.

Just Speak Up – Postnatal Depression Awareness Week

”The most important thing is to get help… And then I could focus on being a mum and getting to know my baby; which is what it’s all about.” (Quoted directly from Just Speak Up)

Whether it is your midwife, a friend, your partner, obstetrician or GP it is important to say something so they can assist you in getting the professional help you may need to help you get through. At My Midwives we use the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression scale, a tool which health professionals use to help you identify if any symptoms you may be experiencing are with a “normal” range or if you may be experiencing depression or anxiety and could benefit from further care. We understand that speaking up about your thoughts may seem confronting and scary but sharing your feelings with someone you trust will be the first steps in ensuring you and your baby stay safe and well.

As part of celebrating PND week, Beyond Blue have teamed up with Smiling Mind to create a world first App designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of new and expecting parents. The App – which is free – is designed not only for new and expectant mothers, but new fathers and partners too. Visit for more information or to download the free App via the Apple Store or Google Play. Carrie Bickmore voices some of the meditations.

My Midwives is creating an awareness about depression during pregnancy and after birth by hosting a morning tea on the 21st November 2014, In Toowoomba Queensland, all are welcome to attend.

Just Speak Up – Postnatal Depression Awareness Week

Liz Wilkes is a Managing Director and Midwive of My Midwives

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