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Moments and Memories

Moments and Memories

I have been very fortunate to have had the majority of the last two weeks with my family.

Moments and Memories

I must say it has been difficult to shut down the computer, field the emails and phone calls and generally “switch off”, I think I have been running on remote control for the last couple of months.

My holiday has been a time of resting and also reflection about the year. We went to the coast for a week and as I was watching my gorgeous boys in their various activities – swimming, fishing, sand castle making and breaking, it struck me how quickly my babies have turned into little boys. I know it is cliche because everyone says “how quickly the grow” but it REALLY does.

I remember vividly the first moments I met our boys, the immediate rush of love for our first and the complete shock of the seconds speedy arrival (the love took a few minutes to arrive with him but no less powerful)! I really can’t believe it is nearly six years ago.

So some friendly advice to all the mamma’s who have just had their babe’s or the mamma’s tapping their fingers waiting for a niggle. Take it slowly, relish in the moments, treasure the time, even the tough stuff because before you know it the first day of school approaches and they are starting to paddle into the big wide world.

All my holiday thinking has brought me to two of my 2012 resolutions – 1. children first and 2. slow down because I want to by part of as many moments and memories as I can.

Hopefully by writing my resolve here it will keep me honest! M x

Liz Wilkes is a Managing Director and Midwive of My Midwives