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Phillips Avent Ambassador

Phillips Avent Ambassador

My Midwives takes as many steps as possible to inform the community about trends around anything pregnancy, birth and baby related. As part of this I have recently taken on an exciting new role as ‘Phillips Avent’ ambassador. Over National Breastfeeding week (Aug 1-7 2017) I was interviewed about breastfeeding and in particular the role that social media plays.

Phillips Avent Ambassador

Please click on the links to read the full article published through various media outlets:

‘Breast feeding is natural but it’s not always easy’

'Top tips to cover the first month of breastfeeding’

It is a really exciting new opportunity to be able to get our views out there. We hope that all our My Midwives mum’s had a great breastfeeding week.

Take care and happy Breastfeeding!

Liz Wilkes

Liz Wilkes is a Managing Director and Midwive of My Midwives

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