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The Importance of You!

The Importance of You!

At My Midwives we are all busy Mum’s and Grandma’s and we have done what many women have done and put ourselves after family, after children and after work. Hello extra kilos, particularly evident when Bec and I realised we were pretty snug on the two seater couch together!

The Importance of You!

For some reason over the last six weeks we have all taken the plunge, into healthier eating and exercise. Please note the picture of Bec and I after our first Mum’s and Bub’s gym session at Fighting Fit – still smiling, just! A lot of fun and hilarity was had by all whilst our toddlers and babies played, cried, slept and did what children do. With that kind of chaos it is definitly our kind of place!

Anyway after our gym session we realised how much we had enjoyed spending some time focusing on ourselves. It may have been a little out of the box (for us) and we have the sad, sore, sorry muscles to prove it but the underlying purpose was, we were taking time out, something that both Bec and I have been really lacking. I feel pretty proud that we have made the initial step because I know that forgetting “me” has definitly had an impact on the way I mother my children and the relationship with my husband.Do you spend time on you? How and when? Do you feel like you are a different mother when you do make time for you? Maybe for you it isn’t the gym, maybe it’s reading a book, taking a walk, getting your nails done, writing a journal or coffee with a friend – I would encourage you all to make the committment at least once a week if you can.As mothers it is too easy to say I will worry about me tomorrow but how do we stay happy, balanced people if we always put ourselves last? Perhaps the simple wisdom of Echart Tolle “if not now, when?” is something we should all adopt because when you really think about it, life is pretty short!

Liz Wilkes is a Managing Director and Midwive of My Midwives

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