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“There’s Always Porridge”

“There’s Always Porridge”

Occasionally while driving home after a long day at work, the sun going down quicker than I’d like and all three children tired and cranky,

There’s Always Porridge

I remember I forgot to turn the slow cooker on this morning! I start frantically racking my brains for what I can whip up in the kitchen (and for anyone who knows me well enough, knows this is far from one of my forte’s). Without a single decent meal coming to mind, I sing out “who’d like porridge for dinner?” Thankfully my darlings are very easily pleased and I get a resounding “YAY, ME!!” While they spend the rest of the drive across town discussing who will have banana and who will have honey on top, I breathe a sigh of relief and smile to myself knowing my husband is not going to be as ecstatic about tonight’s menu.

Since the women in my family have been thrust into the world of toddlerhood we have had a long-standing joke that unless you’ve had weetbix for dinner you really haven’t lived!

For all you mums and dads out there who are striving to be the best you can be by putting the most nutritious food on the table…because that’s what good parents do…well I’m about to tell you my little secret. Every so often…there’s always porridge!

Ahh, the joys of parenting! What will you be having for dinner tonight?

Bec xxx

For Camille who will forever remember “there’s always porridge”.

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