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After a long day I sit here at 11:59pm to just capture a few minutes of my day for Makayla to post in the morning.


Today I have been blessed in many ways – to be there at a wonderful birth, to see a woman who had a difficult time in birth transforming into an amazing mother in front of my eyes, to the good fortune to share another pregnancy with a dear client and friend, to have news that I will have a new nanny in the middle of next week (thank goodness!).

However I have also experienced a really sad day. I cannot work out what we do to make sure that women REALLY know that they have choices in their care. Today I have experienced the good (above), the bad (women “finding” us well through pregnancy) and the ugly (women experiencing things no one should ever have to experience and “finding” us way down the track).

I really, really respect the choices that women make – seeing a GP, caseload midwifery care, care with us, private obstetrician, elective caesarean, water birth – but I just WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT THEY HAVE CHOICES. The choices may be simple to make – being off the bed when they birth their baby – or complex – having a home birth in many areas in Queensland. But we all do have the ability and the right to make choices for ourselves and our babies.

Please take the time today to just pass the information on to a pregnant friend, relative or colleague. They have choices. If they don’t feel “right” in their stomach about the choice they have made, they need to get more information and make another choice.

Liz Wilkes is a Managing Director and Midwive of My Midwives