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Toowoomba Midwives Group Celebrates 500th Bub

Toowoomba Midwives Group Celebrates 500th Bub

BACK in 2010 a group of dedicated midwives and childbirth experts finally realised their dream of opening a clinic in Toowoomba.

Toowoomba Midwives Group Celebrates 500th Bub

Despite having been around just about as long as childbirth, midwifery was a bit of an alien concept to many modern mums still, and even doctors were at times reluctant to endorse it. It wasn’t covered by Medicare and a doctor still had the power to send your chosen midwife out of the birthing suite or even forbid them to enter.

A lot has changed since then and the group was recently able to celebrate the 500th baby born under their care, little Rose Brownsey. Rose is approaching one month old and mum Tricia Brownsey said she couldn’t have imagined going anywhere else for her birthing care after giving birth to her first daughter, Lucy.

She said she had taken little interest in the world of pregnancy until she found herself in it, and a friend recommended the service to her.

“I wasn’t up on all that maternity stuff, but My Midwives seemed so ideal and the kind of care we were looking for,” she said.

“I came in and spoke to (midwife) Ros and the rest just followed.

“With that being my first experience, everything was new and I built such a wonderful relationship with Ros, and to be able to come back and continue that relationship with Rose’s birth was really special.”

She said there were plenty of positives for her to choose from, but among her favourite things about choosing midwifery care were the homely atmosphere and the post-birth support. Mums and bubs are entitled to six weeks of follow-up care after the birth, which includes everything from weigh-ins to the simple, caring question, “How are you coping?” All that is done in the My Midwives headquarters, a converted cottage in Margaret St.

“We come in here and it feels like a home environment rather than sitting for hours in a clinic with sick people all around you,” Mrs Brownsey said.

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Liz Wilkes is a Managing Director and Midwive of My Midwives