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Two of the Best

Two of the Best

They are both going to strangle me for putting this up here but I am sure there are those of you who will agree whole heartedly that these are two of the best midwives around. Yes I probably am biased but having worked with them both for a number of years, I see the complete dedication that both Ros and Liz have for their passion – midwifery, women and birth.

Two of the Best

I can’t tell you the number of times they have changed their plans or even missed family events, after school activities, grandparent days, weddings, birthdays and school performances, not just for births but to go to the women who need them for a myriad of reasons. Their job is a completely selfless and one I am fairly sure I could not do. Midwifery definitely runs through their veins.

Actually being biased again, My Midwives are fortunate enough to have EIGHT of the best midwives! Were you fortunate enough to have a midwife who you would consider to be one of the best?

Liz Wilkes is a Managing Director and Midwive of My Midwives

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