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Welcome to Our Newest Team Member!

Welcome to Our Newest Team Member!

My Midwives Toowoomba are extremely proud to announce our newest team member Alice Bradshaw.

Welcome to Our Newest Team Member!

Alice will be joining Ros, Bec, Karen & Yvette as one of our amazing midwives. We could not be more thrilled to have Alice on board! She has excelled in all aspects of her career thus far and we look forward to growing on that even more with you.

Alice grew up on properties near Taroom (about 2 hours east of Roma) growing crops and breading cattle, mostly Herefords and Simbrahs. Due to the distance between the family home and the closest school she started boarding in Taroom; she then went on to board at St Ursula’s College in Toowoomba. Alice very much enjoyed St Ursula’s as she learnt so many valuable aspects from the core values of the school, mostly that women can do anything. Alice learnt a lot about women’s rights and working with the underprivileged and that’s when she knew she wanted to follow a career in health actively helping people.

Alice completed her bachelor of Nursing through USQ here in Toowoomba in 2013, whilst studying she worked at Lourdes nursing home. In her final year of UNI Alice completed a work experience placement at My Midwives Toowoomba where she had her first taste in Midwifery; she was hooked!

After finishing UNI Alice worked for 6 months as a Nurse before applying for the Rural Private Midwifery Education Project. She believed that an opportunity like this was once in a lifetime opportunity. My Midwives were very fortunate to have Alice placed in our Toowoomba Practice where she undertook the clinical component of the course within the Continuity of Care Model. Alice completed her bachelor of midwifery through Griffith University in June 2015.

Alice believes that pregnancy, birth and parenthood are normal life events. She wholeheartedly believes that midwife led continuity of care should be available to all women, as it provides significant benefits to their families, is a more rewarding work environment for midwives, and is more economical than the standard model of care. Alice also feels that families deserve to feel safe, nurtured and supported during this time.

Welcome Alice! We wish a successful career not only with My Midwives but for also the longevity for what ever your future holds. We are very proud to have your in our practice and you will be/already are an amazing midwife!

Liz Wilkes is a Managing Director and Midwive of My Midwives