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You Make us Smile

You Make us Smile

My Midwives is less than one year old but already we feel like we have the community we intended creating from the day we first opened our doors.

You Make us Smile

When our mothers start to wander through our front door on a Tuesday morning for Mum’s group, pushing prams loaded with nappy bags, bubs (of course) and some yummies to share, we all smile with delight. All of these women have come to us at various stages of pregnancy or after their babies have been born and they are all very special to us in their own way.

What makes us really beam is the fact that we know our morning mothers group usually turns into “mothers day”. It isn’t unusual to look down the stairs to see babies doing what they do – feeding, sleeping and having nappies changed all while their Mummy’s drink tea and eat cake. The My Midwives team all get jealous because often, once the cake is all eaten and the babies are all tuckered out, the mummy party then moves to a cafe for lunch!

Our little community continues to grow and we hope that we can help many, many more mothers start their parenting journey like this – with professional support if needed and a group of Mum’s who are on the same road.

Do we love our Mum’s coming again and again? What better feedback could you ask for...

Liz Wilkes is a Managing Director and Midwive of My Midwives