my virtual midwife

My Virtual Midwives

“We have so much evidence about the benefits of  midwifery continuity of care that if it were a drug, people would think it was unethical not to give it to everyone”

Midwifery continuity of care is the relationship that you develop with a midwife (or pair of midwives) during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.  It is offered in the public hospital system as “Midwifery Group Practice” or “caseload care” or by private practice midwives, some with visiting access into the hospital.

My Midwives has recognised the gap for many women who are unable to access their own midwife for a range of reasons.  In early 2017 we commenced development of My Virtual Midwives which we are providing for a limited number of women from mid-March 2017.

What it offers:

  • An hour-long booking consultation to discuss your health, your pregnancy and birth questions and to discover whether a virtual midwife will benefit you Opening Special $60 until May 30.
  • An hour-long birth planning session to understand your individual needs, your hospital and care provider and to develop a plan for your birth Discount for Opening until May 30.
  • For women who want a virtual midwife, plans are available at a small weekly rate to have your very own midwife on call for you throughout your pregnancy birth and to six weeks after your baby is born.  Please book an initial consultation above where this will be discussed fully or email


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