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My Virtual Midwives

During this unprecedented time of disruption, My Midwives is working to ensure that we can support as many women in the community as possible. Through our unique combination of contact options we can support women during the antenatal and postnatal period in the comfort of their own homes. We are also offering face to face home visiting and support for birth. We have so much evidence about the benefits of midwifery continuity of care that if it were a drug, people would think it was unethical not to give it to everyone.

Midwifery continuity of care is the relationship that you develop with a midwife (or pair of midwives) during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. It is offered in the public hospital system as “Midwifery Group Practice” or “caseload care” or by private practice midwives, some with visiting access into hospital.

We have long recognised the gap for many women who are unable to access their own midwife for a range of reasons. In early 2017 we commenced development of My Virtual Midwives. The evolution of the situation with Covid-19 has meant that we have made virtual services available to a wider group of women than we would normally reach. Virtual consultations are available for any women from early in pregnancy until six completed weeks after birth and virtual mothers group is offered at any time after birth until baby is over 12 months old. We also have a wide array of classes available on our classes page.

The My Virtual Midwives service is available with a Medicare rebate for any women who have had a face to face consultation in the last 12 months, however where this is not possible consultations are still available with a pre-payment service option.

To make an appointment with a midwife for any antenatal or postnatal consultations please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a midwife will respond within 24 hours. Please provide your best phone number for contact in the body of your email to ensure a prompt response from our team.

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