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My Midwives Shepparton and Echuca

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About Us

Through My Midwives Shepparton women are able to meet their midwife during their pregnancy and regularly spend time with them. Visits at My Midwives Shepparton are at flexible times to suit women and the people involved in their care.

The visits include physical checks of mother and baby and sharing of information so that by the time you are in labour you are more than prepared, and confident in your ability, to give birth and become a mother.

To birth well women need to feel safe and to feel safe you need to be surrounded by people you know and trust. Wherever women choose to birth, whether at home or in hospital, it is trust in themselves and those around them that has been shown to make all the difference. This trust can only be developed over time and is an important part of the time spent together during pregnancy at My Midwives Shepparton.


Women can choose the level of care which suits them

  • Antenatal and / or Postnatal care only
  • Full continuity of care through pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.
  • Maternal & Child Health

Following birth, care continues as the parents learn to care for their new baby and breastfeeding is established. Women can then choose to continue care of mother, baby and family at My Midwives Shepparton with a maternal & child health nurse. Having a baby does not stop at birth. Many changes are occurring in your lives and families need to know that help is available to get through the challenging times. This may be as simple as learning settling techniques and getting you and your baby some sleep but may also involve relationship issues and changing family dynamics.

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