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Postnatal Only

My Midwives recognises that you may have already received care during pregnancy and birth but may then experience challenges after their baby is born. We are very happy to provide a “post birth only” service in any situation that arises. You may seek out services for after birth prior to your baby’s birth or may choose to see a midwife in the days or weeks after your baby is born. My Midwives are happy to discuss in hospital, in home or visits in our clinic depending on your individual needs. We want you to feel supported, nutured, safe and educated as a new mother.

My Midwives works with a range of other practitioners in the post birth period to make sure all your needs are considered and will liaise with your existing care providers or your GP.

Please contact your nearest clinic to find out about individual or packages of consultations for postnatal only services.

Postnatal Only
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