What Having a Baby Really Costs

First published in The Brisbane Times

Question: What costs am I really up for when my baby arrives?

Liz Wilkes, Director of My Midwives, says:

Parents often comment on the cost of preparing for a baby and what they need to invest in before bub even takes its first breath. The focus often is on the ‘things’ and this becomes a very expensive exercise.

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Education - More Than Just Antenatal Classes

First published in Toowoomba Families Magazine

Pregnancy, birth and parenting are hot topics now more than ever. The thirst for information and knowledge means that the pregnant woman and in fact her whole family,  are often seeking the facts on a range of topics over nearly a two year period – just prior to falling pregnancy, during pregnancy and for the first year of babies life.

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Blokes and Birth - How Important are They?

First Published Online at Brisbane Times

As midwives we often see the male partners coming into the first antenatal visit with a look of fear in their eyes.  Whilst it is understandable that birth does at first glance appear to be a  woman’s domain there is a massive contribution that men can make.  Some of the fundamentals of birth need to be understood in order to contribute positively.

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A Healthy Happy Baby and A Healthy Happy Mum

A significant amount of time and thought often goes in to how to ensure your baby is healthy and happy. Recently after having a particularly happy birth I ended up with a mum who was not so happy in the weeks after birth, I wondered how much time we spend focused on things that really don’t make a difference.

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