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Alukura MGP

Emma Seacombe

Emma Seacombe
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  • Bachelor of Nursing 1993
  • Graduate Diploma Community Health 1997
  • Certificate of Midwifery 1998
  • Master of Primary Maternity Care 2023
  • Prescribing for Midwives 2023
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My passion for Midwifery began with the opportunity to become a midwife in 1998. I have spent my career providing Midwifery care for Central Australians antenatally, for birth and postnatal care. Being a midwife and providing midwifery care in Central Australia maximising health outcomes for mother, infant, family and community is an amazing privilege that I look forward to continuing for many years to come.

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Midwifery Interest

Being able to walk beside women during their pregnancy journey is what maintains my passion for Midwifery. The opportunity to provide access to evidence based, woman centred, continuity of care and carer to strengthen and empower woman is at the heart of my passion.

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Personal Interest

I am enthusiastic about health and fitness and enjoy attending a gym and more recently, trail running!