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Supporting families to have their rainbow baby

Thanks to the generous support and funding from Sydney 2 CAMberra, My Midwives, in partnership with Elle TENS, are launching a pilot program and world first. Over the next 12 months we will be supporting women and families as they continue their journey through a subsequent pregnancy, having previously had a child stillborn.

Many families who lose a child to stillbirth, bravely decide that they would still like to have more children. This can be an incredibly stressful and trying 9 months. These families have lived through a deep loss, which makes the intimate and close care of a private midwife, a real need.

The $25 000 funding for the pilot program, will enable 10 still-families to receive continuity of care, 24/7 support, additional scans attended with their midwife, who also makes home visits. The service can start from the day the family finds out they are pregnant and continues through until 6 weeks post birth and will not cost the family a single cent.

Whilst a private midwife is an option to all expectant mothers, and is subsidised by Medicare, My Midwives and Elle TENS believe that those who have suffered loss, should have this service provided without question.

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The My Midwives Rainbow Baby Project has been developed in loving memory of Austin Moore, Layla Youngman and My Midwives angel babies to support families to have their rainbow baby.


Australia is one of the safest places in the world for a baby to be born, however every day in Australia, 6 babies are stillborn and 2 die within 28 days of birth (neonatal death). Midwifery continuity of care has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of stillbirth by between 16% and 25% and has been included as a foundational element in stillbirth reduction programs across the world.

My Midwives along with Elle TENS are committed to exploring ways to secure ongoing funding of the Rainbow Baby Project, nationally. It is our desire to support all families who have previously experienced a stillbirth or newborn loss, to access midwifery continuity of care for their subsequent pregnancy. This will not only reduce the risk of stillbirth, but also to support the family during pregnancy, birth & early parenting after their previous loss.

My Midwives vision is for all women and their families have access to an optimal start to their family journey through excellence in midwifery services and continuity of care by 2025.

This project was originally conceived and developed during meetings between former My Midwives Managing Director Liz Wilkes and the team at Elle TENS, who have been involved with Sydney 2 CAMberra since its launch and having still parents on their senior executive team

The focus of the program is on contact and relational care – the woman and family do not need to explain their story over and over. The midwife is completely cognisant of a need for additional reassurance related to the families previous experiences including but not limited to additional fetal monitoring and potentially alterations to timing or mode of birth. Evidence demonstrates these additional supports decrease mental health issues and increase women’s satisfaction in their care.

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Inclusions in the Rainbow Baby Project

  • Women in this program will have a primary midwife who is on call 24/7 to provide face to face care at appointments, and phone calls and telehealth outside scheduled appointment times.

  • The scheduled number of midwifery appointments during the antenatal period are generally 10 - 15 appointments.

  • Women who require additional visits for emotional and mental health support are able to schedule these as desired.

  • Women and families are also able to access the midwife outside of appointments via phone.

  • Online education workshops.

  • The midwife is on call and will attend the woman in early labour within the woman’s home or at a midwifery clinic and once labour is established, will attend the birthing hospital and provide labour and birth care for the entire experience until the baby is 4-6 hours old.

  • Following the birth, the midwife provides postnatal care to both mother and baby daily for 5-7 days, on day 10, day 14 and then weekly. However, appointments and telehealth support 24/7 is available outside of these appointment times.

  • At six weeks the midwife and birth team provide a comprehensive birth debrief.

  • My Midwives also collaborates with additional support services such as Lactation Consultants and these will be available to women throughout their pregnancy journey.

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for the trial

The Rainbow Baby Project will be available for families in the following catchment areas:

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(RBWH, Caboolture & Redcliffe)
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(Toowoomba Base Hospital)
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(Royal Women's & The Northern Hospital)

Further information

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