Covid-19 Update: We are fully operational as a business and have taken every precaution we can to provide a safe environment for our clients and staff
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Education is the key.

Our advice to you and your partner or support is to get as much information about the different education options in your area before you decide what might suit you best. There are several options available, and many women say that their wonderful birthing experiences were as a result of tips they learned in their childbirth education and parenting information course. The important thing is for you to research what is available so you can choose the options in birth that best fits with your personal beliefs and desires.

At My Midwives we offer different options across our branches. We make our classes available to you even if you don’t have midwifery care with us. Speak to your local branch about what they offer. We can also tailor a class to meet your particular needs.

My Midwives offers traditional courses covering preparation for birth, labour, options for pain relief, water birth, emergency situations, the first few hours once your baby is born and going home from hospital. Mostly these classes are held in a small group environment of up to five couples and offer you the chance to learn, workshop and practice all the important aspects of labour, birth and parenting. We keep it simple, very interactive and a lot of fun (even for the men!)

One purpose of My Midwives education is to bring pregnant women and new mothers together to enable you to develop practical strategies, which you can apply in various situations. Developing relationships and friendships with your peers provide support and reassurance during a beautiful yet sometimes daunting time. Talk to your midwife about any questions you may have about the course. Please contact us to book your place.

Please note some branches do not offer antenatal classes as a service. Please contact your local branch and they will point you in the right direction.


Covid-19 has presented us with a number of challenges and opportunities. For now, we have suspended face to face classes and offer our wonderful clients and guests the option of a fully online world of education and groups. Facilitated by our amazing midwives our array of classes will meet your needs on all areas of preparation and connection.


A pregnant woman and  man video calling

My Virtual Birth Prep

This online session is held from around 16 to 22 weeks of pregnancy to ensure you have considered some of the decisions required in the early part of pregnancy.

A mom and a newborn baby in front of a laptop

Virtual Newborn Care

We have adapted the most hands-on of our practical workshop to the virtual environment to prepare you for the first six weeks of your baby’s life.

A couple holding a laptop, video calling

Virtual Antenatal Class

Our virtual Antenatal Class is focused on your birth and is designed to be taken anywhere from 28 to 34 weeks of pregnancy.

A woman holding a baby while using a laptop

Support, Sleep and Settling Online Workshop

This group session is targeted at you and your strategies in early mothering and is for mums around 4 to 6 weeks after birth.

A pregnant woman using a laptop

Moving into Motherhood - Virtual

In a fast paced world where women are expected to be strong and independent, how do we become confident mothers? The honest answer is go gently and slowly...and learn that asking for help does not equate to weakness.

A woman holding a baby with blanket

Breastfeeding Support Online

As our world is changing at a rapid pace, we are focused on ensuring our clients remain as safe as possible whilst still maximising the ability to connect with specialist support and advice.

Pregnant typing in a laptop

Virtual LGBTIQ+ Birth Class

Our small and personalised virtual LGBTIQ+ Birth Classes help parents-to-be prepare for labour, birth and life with a newborn.