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What do our Midwives do?

My Midwives provides midwifery continuity of care through pregnancy, labour, birth and the post birth period. We provide antenatal care that covers all aspects of your care including booking into hospital, ordering and interpreting blood tests and scans, and all your normal pregnancy visits monitoring your own and your babies physical and mental well being. We provide care during labour and birth as your primary care provider and we work autonomously but collaboratively with a range of hospitals and practitioners. After baby is born you will receive a mixture of hospital, home and clinic visits depending on your needs and the package of care you have chosen.

Care with My Midwives

Midwives are autonomous practitioners who are specialists in pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care and so can provide all your care, working alongside various other practitioners when you need it. My Midwives care is tailored to meet each and every woman’s individual needs. Your journey with us starts with an initial bulk billed consultation, at any stage of pregnancy, where one of the senior members of our team will describe to you the options, packages and costs if you have care with our team.

After options and packages are explained most women opt to have midwifery continuity of care where your primary midwife provides your pregnancy visits - called antenatal visits - your midwife and her backup midwife are on call for you from early in pregnancy through labour and birth, to six weeks after birth. Our team have admitting rights to a range of hospitals providing you with the peace of mind that regardless of what your choice of birth, home, birth centre, hospital, and regardless of your level of risk, you will have your midwife providing you care. After your birth, regardless of the package you choose, the first few days of care with your own midwife will be in your own home and you will receive six weeks postnatal care from our midwives. If you choose a package where you have continuity from a primary midwife that midwife can provide your postnatal care wherever you choose for six weeks.

Who are My Midwives?

My Midwives was founded in 2010 in Toowoomba Queensland and in 2011 became the first midwifery practice in Australia to be able to admit women to hospital with Medicare rebates.


The My Midwives team, lead by Managing Director Liz Wilkes and co-directors Ros Beard, Sharon Dalton, Karen Hollindale and Hannah Quanchi have grown to change the face of maternity services as Australia's largest private midwifery practice.

My Midwives leads the way and with exceptional outcomes for our clients and their families we have won awards in Queensland and Victoria for innovation and leadership in health care. We strive every day to best serve the woman who entrust us with the privilege of being part of their birthing journey.

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