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FAQ   Does Medicare cover any My Midwives services?
Most Australian women are Medicare eligible and if you are Medicare eligible, Medicare will cover a portion of your care. The amount will vary according to your individual circumstances, based on whether or not you have a healthcare card, where you are at with your family safety net and also Extended Safety Net. For more information about the Medicare safety nets click here.

We are happy to discuss a payment plan for anyone who has difficulty from a financial perspective as we do not want cost to be prohibitive if you wish to have My Midwives providing your care. There is also the option of payment plans with Medicredit for as little as $25 per week.
FAQ   Will my Private Health Fund cover any costs?
Private Health Funds must provide at least 25% of the scheduled fee for in hospital care under the Health Insurance Act. Additionally there are health funds which will cover other midwifery services including pregnancy and will also pay for more out of pocket costs around your birth care. It will depend on which health fund and the level of cover you have as to what you will receive from your fund.

Some of your out of pocket expenses may also be claimed for tax purposes especially if you have other medical expenses for the financial year. Please click here for more information.
FAQ   Where can I birth my baby?
At My Midwives we believe where you birth your baby is an important decision but there are many factors that may impact on this choice including the facilities you would like to access during birth. Our midwives are happy to work with you and any other medical practitioners you would like to involve to try to accommodate all choices.
FAQ   What if there is a problem with my pregnancy
At any time during your care if your midwife suspects something out of the ordinary, has any concerns or you are worried, you will be referred to the appropriate expert, this may be your GP, an obstetrician, pediatrician or other relevant specialist. Our midwives have positive relationships with health professionals in differing modalities and we want the best care for you and your baby every step of the way.
FAQ   Do I still need to see an obstetrician?
If you are receiving private obstetric care you may still choose to see your obstetrician. You can discuss your overall options are with your obstetrician or alternatively contact us to find out more.

If you are birthing in a public facility you will discuss with your midwife the involvement you would like to have from an obstetrician. You will always have the option for obstetric visits and there may be a necessity for more visits if there are complexities in your pregnancy.
FAQ   Can I have a water birth?
All our midwives are accredited to provide water immersion for pain relief and also water birth. However, not all facilities offer the option of water immersion so it will depend on the facility where you are birthing as to whether or not water birth is an option for you.
FAQ   Why should I choose My Midwives for my care?
Choosing your caregiver is one of the most important decisions you will make for your pregnancy, birth and your journey into parenthood. Women often feel that they must choose an obstetrician for their care and some women do need to have obstetric care during pregnancy but all women have a midwife providing their care during labour – whether their labour is attended by a medical practitioner or not. The difference in choosing My Midwives means that you know the midwife who will be caring for you in labour. It is crucial that women and their family are surrounded by supportive, knowledgeable, friendly, caring faces and service providers throughout the pregnancy, birth and beyond. We know that in choosing My Midwives you will be supported by midwives who you know during the important times of your pregnancy, birth and post birth period and you will also have the care of medical practitioners whenever you need or want it.

My Midwives see women from all walks of life, women who require different types of care, women who make a variety of choices and women with pregnancies of varying risk factors. Our midwives can see you for all or some of your care and we are happy to work in collaboration with your General Practitioner (GP) or obstetrician if you wish to share your care.
FAQ   Do I need a referral?
You may (but not in all cases) require a referral if you are seeing My Midwives for care. Please contact us for further information.
FAQ   Fees & payment plans
There are many options for care at a My Midwives branch. Each branch operates independently and has its own fee structure. When you make contact with a clinic you will be offered an Initial Antenatal and information visit. At this visit, not only will you be offered an antenatal check, you will also have the opportunity to discuss your options for models of care, care givers for pregnancy and birth and how much the care will cost you. There are options for those with Private Health cover and those who have Health Care Cards. Please contact My Midwives in your area to make an initial appointment.

In each branch our Medicare eligible midwives are able to provide a Medicare rebate for the care you receive. The amount of this rebate will depend on whether or not you or your family have reached the Medicare Safety Net and/or Extended Medicare Safety Net. Please visit Medicare for more information about the Safety Nets.

Payment Plans

At My Midwives branches there is now a simple solution which allows you to obtain private midwifery care whilst balancing your expenses. My Midwives has formed a relationship with MediCredit which will fund all midwifery services and associated costs including your hospital fees. Payment Plan options are available from $25 per week and applications will generally be conditionally approved within 24-48 hrs.

To apply all you have to do is click here and complete an application. If you have specific questions about the payment plans please call 1300 884 355.
FAQ   What is My Midwives return policy for online video purchases?

Refund will be made within 10 days from the date the password was sent to the purchaser's email address if the person doesn't like the video.