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Why choose a private midwife?

Private midwifery care is a “different’ option that many families haven’t considered, or perhaps even heard of. It offers midwifery continuity of care – the same midwife as the primary point of contact and provider of care throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and post-birth.

There are points of difference to midwifery continuity of care based in hospitals. The midwife is engaged by the family – rather than the midwives working for the hospital or state governments. What this means is that the care can generally be more individualised offering potentially more options. This is one reason to choose a private midwife.

The birth outcomes for midwifery continuity of care are also different. Outcomes for families demonstrate that midwifery continuity of care increases women’s satisfaction, it improves the mental health of the woman, women are less likely to experience many interventions in their care, they are less likely to have a stillbirth after 24 weeks, are more likely to have success with breastfeeding and have the same or better outcomes relating to the wellbeing of the mother and baby. Please examine the resources page for the sources of this data. Private midwives outcomes tend to be as good or better than other midwifery continuity of care models.

What is different about My Midwives?

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My Midwives is the largest private midwifery practice in Australia and as such its size and experience in providing care in a range of hospitals provide opportunities that are unique to My Midwives.  My Midwives are able to offer different alternatives in packages of care to suit different budgets, and different midwives to suit all type of people. We have admitting rights to a range of hospitals and this means that you have complete certainty that whatever occurs in your journey, your midwife can remain your admitting clinician, not just a support person. Thus the full gamut of choice from elective caesarean section through to birth at home and everything in between can be fully supported by our team.

Our midwives do not work on a roster system and this maximises your time with your midwives.  Your midwife will take regular time off, but will try to fit this around their clients needs where possible, so that it is the best of both worlds for women and midwives. We make sure that you have also met a backup midwife, and also others in the team, for situations that are totally unavoidable.

My Midwives believes that it offers you the best options - you can birth wherever you need to, hospital, birth centre of home, you can change your mind if you want to during pregnancy - you can shift from hospital to home or home to hospital, and there are a wide array of midwives in each practice to suit your personality. Our outcomes are published most months and can be provided to anyone who seeks them.

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Why should I choose My Midwives for my care?

All women in Australia have a midwife providing their care during labour – whether their labour is attended by a medical practitioner or not. The difference in choosing My Midwives means that you know the midwife who will be caring for you. It is crucial that women and their family are surrounded by supportive, knowledgeable, friendly, caring faces and service providers throughout the pregnancy, birth and beyond. We know that in choosing My Midwives you will be supported by midwives who you know during the important times of your pregnancy, birth and post-birth period and you will also have the care of medical practitioners whenever you need or want it.

My Midwives see women from all walks of life, women who require different types of care, women who make a variety of choices and women with pregnancies of varying risk factors. Our midwives can see you for all or some of your care and we are happy to work in collaboration with your General Practitioner (GP) or obstetrician if you wish to share your care.