My Midwives Go Viral on Facebook

My Midwives Go Viral on Facebook

“If I’m speeding, she’s 8 cm” this catchy little one liner has caught the eye of thousands of people all over the world.

If you haven’t seen the post on Facebook yet then take a look here at the photo that has now gone viral. The photo was taken and shared by an unknown source. In just two days it has received over 3500 “likes” on UK based site “The Funky Midwife” and a further 4000 on the My Midwives Facebook page. The now very famous car is owned by none other than our darling midwife Ros Beard.

For the uninitiated when a woman’s cervix is dilated to 8cm she is considered very close to having her baby, hence “Call the Midwife!” and tell her to come quickly. Ros has assured us that she is very diligent when traveling to births and actually does follow the speed limit. “As a midwife you do have to be pretty organised, the birth bag is always in the back of the car packed and ready to go hospital or home.”said Ros. “When a woman calls, you do feel like you need to get there as quickly as possible to be a support to her and her partner.”

Most of the time our midwives are with women for many hours in the lead up to the birth of a baby, allowing the woman plenty of time to feel relaxed and supported in the environment she is birthing in. It doesn’t matter if a woman is only in the initial stages of labour, the midwife will visit her in hospital or the home to do the necessary checks and provide reassurance if that is what the woman wants and needs.

Ros is still recovering from the shock now she is a social media sensation “Unbelievable hey …hilarious!”.

Ros (and her car) are available for interviews. :)

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Liz Wilkes is a Managing Director and Midwive of My Midwives