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What Does ‘Continuity of Midwifery Care’ Mean?

What Does ‘Continuity of Midwifery Care’ Mean?

‘One-to-one’, ‘caseload midwifery’, ‘know your midwife program ‘, ‘continuity-of-care’, ‘midwifery group practice’ – these are all the different terms that describe the model of midwifery care whereby a midwife or team of midwives cares for a woman throughout the childbearing journey and early parenting period.

Research has shown that care with a known midwife and the opportunity to develop a trusting relationship has significant benefits for mother and baby. A woman who receives care from a known midwife is more likely to have a normal birth, have a more positive experience of labour and birth, be satisfied with her maternity care and successfully breastfeed her baby. Her baby is also more likely to be born at term and be born healthy.*

So what does My Midwives Melbourne North offer? We, Hannah and Gabby, understand that this is one of the most important transitions in your life. We work in partnership with women from early in pregnancy (although sometimes women find us later in their pregnancy too) through to 6 weeks after birth. We only book in a small number of women for continuity of care each month -we believe this is the best way to ensure you are receiving the quality care you deserve from your own midwife.

When you choose to book in with us you receive:

  • Warm and personalised care from your own midwife
  • Pregnancy appointments 45-60 minutes long in our clinic or at your home (Medicare rebates available)
  • Midwife on-call 24 hours a day
  • Access to our library and DVD collection
  • Opportunity to connect with other mothers and families at our clinic
  • Labour and birth support at home or in hospital
  • Post-birth care and breastfeeding support in your home or in our clinic for 6 weeks (Medicare rebates available).

  • Continuity of midwifery care – the gold standard of maternity care all women deserve.

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