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Ashleigh Ford

Ashleigh Ford
education of employee


  • Bachelor of Nursing / Bachelor of Midwifery. QUT. 2012
  • Prescribing for midwives. Griffith University. 2020
experience of employee


Following graduating university in 2012 I accepted a position working in Rockhampton base hospital where I stayed for 2 years. In 2015, I returned to Brisbane to help with caring for my mother who had become ill. Over the next 6 months I worked with an agency doing casual work as a midwife across Brisbane. In July of 2015 I commenced work at the RBWH where I have worked for the past 5 years working in a variety of settings including antenatal clinic, labour, birthing and postnatal care. I was also fortunate enough to work in Ngarrama for 12 months (Midwifery group practice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women). I have also had experience providing education for women with My Midwives in 2018 following the birth of my first child.

midwifery interest of employee

Midwifery Interest

Over the years I have been practicing I have developed a love for this profession. I am passionate about providing a continuity of care experience for women and their families at such an amazing and important time in their lives. I believe all women should have the opportunity to access personalised care with a midwife of their choice and have the chance to birth how they want to. I aim to provide the best care possible for my clients as well as empower and support them with whatever path they choose. My interest in working in private practice has grown since the birth of my own 2 children in 2017 and 2020 when I was fortunate to receive care from My midwives.

other interest of of employee

Personal Interest

In my down time I enjoy reading and games with friends and family. I also have a creative streak and love to work on craft projects and house improvements when I get the chance. Although very challenging at times I love spending time with my 2 little boys and watching them grow into amazing and independent humans.