I Almost Missed It

I Almost Missed It

Today I was sitting on the couch feeding my babe, staring at the tv, distracted.

I looked down some time after he had come off my breast to find him smiling at me. I had missed some of his beautiful smiles because I was too involved in the box.

So I looked into my babies face and remembered that this time where he lies on my lap and stares at me because I am the center of his world lasts a second. The blue innocent eyes and that big gummy smile, those squishy squashy cheeks, the dimple on his chin, the milky baby smell and his baby soft hair will all too soon be gone.

He will all too soon be a boy not a baby. He will be rough and tumble with his brothers, long arms and legs, scratched and bruised from fun and adventure. He will be fingers covered in dirt, grassy hair, loud and raucous with his friends. He will grow to fill a bed, wave goodbye at the school gate and be a bit embarrassed to kiss his Mum because his friends are watching.

He will be independent, strong willed and confident. Not Mummy’s boy anymore.

I will always love him unconditionally and enjoy every age and stage, but I want to remember this sweet baby. This time is so precious and so short. I will drink him in and look into those baby eyes, enjoy those baby hands with their itty bitty folds, kiss his toes and his nose and watch those lips turn into a gummy smile for his mummy. My darling baby, my darling boy.

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Liz Wilkes is a Managing Director and Midwive of My Midwives